Birds like warehouses for many reasons. Warehouses are usually large spaces with tall ceilings, giving birds ample room to fly around.

birds in warehouse

The rooftops and walls of warehouses can offer enticing shelter from the elements and predators. Open ceilings, rafters and other building elements can provide safe, secluded nesting areas. Most warehouses have large doors that are opened frequently, giving birds easy access.

However, once inside, birds can cause serious problems for warehouses and their employees, such as:

Slip-and-fall risks – In addition to being unsanitary, bird droppings can be slippery, causing potential fall hazards for employees and customers.

Health code violations – In some industries, bird droppings can breach health codes and can potentially result in fines, legal action or closures.

Property, product and equipment damage – Bird droppings are acidic and can corrode paint, roofing materials and fabrics, as well as soil products and packaging. Bird pecking and roosting can cause damage to structures, equipment and wiring.

Productivity loss – Stopping to clean up bird droppings and nesting materials can be disruptive and costly.

Work stoppages – Employees should not work in areas that may be unsafe due to an accumulation of bird droppings, which can mean shutdowns.

Distractions – Birds swooping and making noise can be bothersome to workers and visitors. 

It’s Hard to Wing Bird Control on Your Own

Without commercial pest control help, attempting to control birds can be frustrating and

time consuming for warehouse management. That’s because bird control isn’t as simple as just shooing them away. There are many factors to consider, including:

  • Bird species identification
  • Whether birds are invasive, protected or fall into threatened/endangered classifications
  • Site evaluation
  • Bird behavior analysis
  • Federal, state and local regulations (regulatory requirements define control methods by species)

For effective bird control, it’s important to find commercial pest control professionals who are licensed and experienced in how to help keep birds away, as well as knowledgeable about the specific issues that infestations can pose for warehouses. Terminix® Commercial specialists are trained to customize bird control strategies for each customer and each location.

Types of Bird Control Solutions

Knowing the type of bird and its behavior can help Terminix Commercial specialists determine the best method of treatment for each situation. Some of the solutions employed by Terminix Commercial include:

Control Gel

  • Helps repel birds with stickiness
  • Waterproof, virtually colorless and odorless
  • Effective even in high temperatures

Wire Barrier

  • Creates an unstable surface
  • Helps keep birds from landing on edges
  • Works best for long, uninterrupted ledges
  • Used in conjunction with gel applications


  • Blunt edges
  • Helps prevent birds from landing on ledges and signs
  • Flexible to fit contours


  • Strong
  • UV stabilized, rot proof, waterproof
  • Color variety
  • No knots

Terminix Commercial also offers a cleaning and disinfecting service for bird droppings and nesting debris. From bird identification, to behavioral analysis, to cleanup, Terminix Commercial specialists have the in-depth training and knowledge to help identify and implement the optimal solution for warehouse bird control problems.

If birds are making pests of themselves at your warehouse, get a free estimate to help put a stop to the nesting and roosting.