6 Common Cockroach Hiding Places in Your Home

Updated: June 22, 2022

A cockroach infestation is a serious problem that can lead to a variety of consequences, ranging from aggravating asthma symptoms to transmitting disease-causing pathogens. Terminix pest control specialists can help you to catch a cockroach problem early and help rid your home of these pests:

  • Following an initial inspection, our team of professionals will customize a treatment plan unique to your needs.
  • Terminix cockroach specialists take an integrated approach to removing existing adult roaches and getting rid of their eggs, leveraging their experience to provide you with the best service possible.
  • To prevent roaches from returning to your property, we offer Terminix Pest Control Plans1 to provide you with ongoing support, inspection, and treatments. What treatment methods does Terminix use for roaches?

How does Terminix treat for roaches?

The process starts with an extensive evaluation of your home to diagnose the problem. Terminix experts inspect each room in your house or building, including hard-to-reach spots and places property owners usually miss.

Following an initial inspection, Terminix professionals design a personalized cockroach treatment plan with your needs in mind. We use a combination of treatments and make recommendations that will help eliminate cockroaches. Finally, we'll work with you to implement a cockroach prevention plan and schedule regular inspections to avoid re-infestation.

What are the benefits of using Terminix for roaches?

Over time, cockroaches may have become resistant to certain treatments, including DIY methods. To get rid of these highly resilient pests, you need a comprehensive and continuous professional approach.

Terminix doesn't just use an effective combination of roach treatment methods. Our experts constantly monitor roach-related research and leverage those new findings to revise and refine their approach to pest control. As new methods appear, we test their efficiency and tweak extermination plans whenever applicable – staying one step ahead of roaches!

With Terminix, you benefit from hiring professionals who understand how to properly recommend and efficiently use different treatment methods. This personalized approach to cockroach treatment balances the unique features of your home alongside transparency about methods used.

Beyond treating your property for roaches, Terminix cockroach specialists will work with you to design an effective prevention plan to make sure you will not have to face a roach infestation alone.

Guaranteed Roach Protection

Terminix helps you get rid of unpleasant pests and regain full control of your property. Our goal is to make sure your home is a pest-free environment. When you trust Terminix with your cockroach problem, you're not just getting a promise – you're getting a guarantee.

Terminix guarantee

All Terminix pest control services are guaranteed. After an initial inspection and treatment, we'll schedule regular inspections. If these pests come back in between these inspections, we'll get rid of them at no additional cost to you2.

What does the Terminix guarantee include?

  • Access to trained Terminix pest control specialists, knowledgeable about the most advanced pest management products and technologies available today
  • Convenient scheduling
  • 24/7 customer support and on-our-way text alerts
  • Customized treatment plans
  • Return visits at no additional charge if pests return
  • If you aren't satisfied with the results, we work with you to achieve 100% satisfaction

How much does Terminix cost for roach treatment?

At Terminix, we focus on making roach control accessible and affordable. That's why we offer competitive, reasonable pricing.

The cost of your cockroach pest control package depends on many factors, including the severity of the infestation, total area of your home or building, as well as type of treatments required. For clients who want to get rid of roaches and keep these pests at bay without breaking the bank, Terminix offers quarterly pest control plans. Taking advantage of these plans to regularly monitor your home for roaches can help you save money and prevent re-infestation.

See roach control pricing for your area.

How fast can Terminix get rid of cockroaches?

How fast Terminix can get rid of cockroaches depends on the extent of your infestation and the type of roaches in your home. Usually, we can resolve a moderate cockroach infestation within a couple of weeks. With very limited infestations, the process may only take a day or two.

When it comes to cockroach treatment, patience and persistence is key. If you opt for a quick DIY fix, these over-the-counter methods are rarely effective and roaches usually come back soon after.

With Terminix, you can rest easy knowing that you have professionals with a deep understanding of cockroach behaviors, hiding places and habits – as well as effective treatment methods to help rid your home of these pests in an efficient manner.

How often will I need roach control treatment?

Cockroaches are persistent creatures capable of surviving under harsh circumstances. Even if the initial treatment is successful, there is always a chance that roaches can return. Cockroaches often come over from neighboring properties – especially in apartment complexes, duplexes, or condos that share a common wall. Because pipes often provide open passage ways from one room or apartment to another, they often hide in plumbing and travel between properties.

A preventive approach is often your best bet to making sure roaches don't infest your home. To make sure these pests don't come back, you need regular inspections and treatments. Terminix recommends setting up either an annual or quarterly inspection schedule. If roaches return between inspections, we will offer treatment free of charge.

How do I get started with Terminix roach control services?

Getting started with Terminix is easy! Simply give us a call to schedule a free inspection. Our experts will arrive at a time that works best for you to evaluate your problem and discuss treatment options.

It only takes a short time for a roach problem to turn into a serious infestation. The longer you delay, the longer it will take to get rid of these resilient pests. As soon as you see a roach on your property, take action.

1Standard Covered Pests: cockroaches, mice, rats, silverfish, “house" ants (excluding carpenter ants, fire ants, pharaoh ants and tawny crazy ants), clothes moths, spiders (excluding black widow and brown recluse spiders), scorpions, centipedes, millipedes, earwigs, house crickets and paper wasps. Other pests not specified as Standard Covered Pests may be covered for an additional charge or under other plans.

2Treatments and Covered Pests defined in your Plan. Limitations apply. See Plan for details.

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