Carpet beetles can cause irreparable damage to carpet, clothing and other household fabrics and materials. The adult beetles are small and usually black to dark brown in color, but damage is actually caused during their larval stage. The larvae appear to be hairy little worms and can be found on or near carpets, clothing and, in some instances, dried food products. The three main species of carpet beetles are the varied carpet beetle, the furniture carpet beetle and the black carpet beetle. All of these types are similar in appearance and commonly infest the same types of materials. But, where do carpet beetles come from and how do carpet beetles get in your house? The answer may surprise you.

Where do carpet beetles come from outdoors? Most carpet beetles live and breed outdoors where they feed on a diet of pollen and nectar. They can hitch a ride into your home on flowers or plants. Most species are attracted to light and because of their small size can easily fly in around cracks in windows and doors. Openings around plumbing entrances, electrical conduits, soffit vents, eaves and chimneys also serve as easy access points.

Hide and seek. Where do carpet beetles come from indoors? Carpet beetles are known to infest a wide variety of household items. Wool carpet, oriental rugs and wool clothing items are common targets. Some beetles are attracted to animal hides on mounted trophies or the fur on the carcass of a dead animal that may have gotten trapped in your walls or chimney. Dried flower arrangements and certain types of potpourri will provide a food source for carpet beetles. Some species of carpet beetles will feed on dry dog food, noodles, flour or meal.

An ounce of prevention. Inspect the exterior of your home to be sure potential entry points are properly sealed and windows have tight-fitting screens. Consider having a screened chimney cap installed if you don’t have one. Reducing the number of flowering plants outside your home will reduce food sources for these beetles. In addition, changing your outdoor lighting from the standard white bulbs to the yellow “bug light” bulbs will help lower your chance for a beetle invasion.

Where do carpet beetles come from and how do carpet beetles get in your house? Hopefully, now you have the answers you were looking for. If you have other questions about carpet beetles or just need a hand in getting rid of them, call the pest management specialists at Terminix®.