With warmer weather comes the desire to spend time outside with friends and family. However, the nuisance of mosquitoes can keep you from doing so.

How Terminix Quick Guard™ Mosquito Service Works

With warmer weather comes the desire to spend time outside with friends and family. However, mosquitoes can make your backyard the last place you want to be. Terminix Quick Guard treatment can start helping to reduce the mosquito population and create a zone of protection in your yard.

How Terminix Quick Guard works

Terminix Quick Guard Mosquito Service is a fast-acting solution to help combat mosquitoes in your yard. Its unique polymer layer of protection means long-lasting defense that stands up to regular lawn watering and nearly any weather condition. One treatment lasts for weeks, and monthly applications throughout the season help ensure that mosquito populations stay in check. If mosquitoes return between visits, Terminix® returns, too, to help take care of the problem.

Here's how the Terminix Quick Guard Mosquito Service works:

  1. We conduct a thorough inspection of your property to help identify mosquito breeding areas in your yard.
  2. We customize a Quick Guard treatment program to meet your needs.
  3. Once the mosquito guard treatment is applied, it begins working immediately to help reduce the mosquito population. The treatment helps create a zone of protection that can last for weeks.
  4. Schedule monthly applications to help keep mosquitoes under control.

Why you should consider a mosquito service

Mosquito control works quickly and effectively to help protect you and your family. Mosquitoes can be a real nuisance and threat to homeowners. These insects can lay an average of 100 eggs in a space the size of a bottle cap, and they can lay up to 3,000 eggs in just a few weeks.

Once hatched, the female mosquitoes bite, causing welts and itching. But the annoyance of these bites can be secondary to a more serious problem: Mosquitoes can also carry pathogens that may cause diseases, including viruses like Zika and West Nile. And because mosquitoes can be active in temperatures of 50 degrees and above, they may act as uninvited guests throughout much of the year in many locations.

Mosquito prevention tips

During the inspection before the Quick Guard application, your Terminix mosquito technician will help you understand what additional steps you can take to help further reduce mosquitoes in your yard following the treatment. These additional mosquito control methods include:

  • Getting rid of breeding places. Mosquitoes need standing water to breed. Be vigilant about eliminating all areas of standing water on a daily basis, including areas such as kiddie pools, gutters/drains, birdbaths, pet bowls, plant trays, watering cans, low-lying areas in your yard, or pockets on tarps that cover grills and furniture.
  • Keeping grass cut. Mosquitoes like to take shelter in long grass and tall weeds. Keep your lawn mowed and your hedges and bushes (that also provide shelter for mosquitoes) trimmed and tidy.
  • Drying out your landscaping. Keep an eye on mulched gardens and other areas of your landscaping that may remain damp for longer periods of time. These areas are naturally attractive to mosquitoes.

Mosquito control and treatment

Reclaim your yard and help protect your family from mosquitoes all season long. Contact Terminix to learn more about our Quick Guard Mosquito Service.