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Crawl Space Temp-Ventâ„¢

Our crawl space vent is a revolutionary foundation ventilator that will help protect your home against the damage that moisture and humidity can cause.

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Fortify your foundation

This system opens and closes your vents automatically according to the weather, keeping your crawl space warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, which can help increase your home’s energy efficiency and reduce moisture. 

Benefits of Crawl Space Temp-Vents

Helps prevent foundation decay
  • Helps protect pipes
  • Helps lower heating costs
  • Backed by a lifetime product warranty
  • Meets FHA requirements
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What Temp-Vent can do for you

We offer effective solutions to help reduce conditions conducive to pest activity, all while helping maintain your home’s structural integrity and heating and cooling system efficiency. 
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Moisture under control

When it comes to protecting the wood in your home, an effective crawl space ventilation system is key. It can help fight two threats to wood in crawl spaces – destructive wood-decay fungi and non-destructive fungi.

Destructive wood-decaying fungi

Our crawl space vent solutions fights the three basic types of destructive wood-decaying fungi that commonly occur in the wood components of structures.

  • Cubical brown rot

    Occurs when wood is dry-to-wet and wet-to-dry situations. The decayed wood is brittle and very dark giving a charred appearance.

  • White rot

    Infests wood that is exposed to continuous moisture. It's common in poorly vented crawl spaces. The infested wood takes on a bleached appearance, and the wood becomes spongy and fibrous.

  • Wood-conducting rot

    It is a specialized fungus. It can even infest sound, dry wood. The fungi does this using water from a remote source, often may feet or yards away.

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Non-destructive fungi

Our crawl space ventilation system also fights non-destructive fungi threats. These include surface molds and mildew and sap-stain fungi. These fungi feed on sugars and starches in wood cells, but don’t damage the cellulose. Therefore, while the fungi give the wood and unattractive appearance, the wood retains its structural strength. 

Your home is your castle. We'll help defend it.

With almost 100 years of experience, you could say we're right at home getting unwanted pests out of yours. And we got the goods to get it done.

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