It’s a smart business decision to hire a professional pest control company if you’re a business decision maker. Letting the experts handle pest control can help preserve your organization’s good reputation and help provide a safe and healthy environment for your staff and the public. It’s also a good idea to choose a pest control provider that performs pest inspections on a regular basis to fit your business and location needs. Here are seven reasons why:

  1. Regular inspections help specialists properly identify pests in a timely manner. Knowing the type of pests that are present is the first step in determining effective treatment strategies. A regular schedule gives pest technicians a better chance to identify pests in their early stages.
  2. Most pest problems can be treated promptly during regular inspections. Terminix Commercial employs the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to monitor and help prevent pests, focusing on surveillance-based targeted control and helping reduce insecticide use. With regularly scheduled services, you don’t have to wait for pest problems to be addressed.
  3. Regular inspections enable specialists to help limit pest activity before infestations get bigger. Many types of pests can establish large infestations very quickly, so nipping new pest activity in the bud is critical.
  4. With regular inspections, specialists can continually evaluate treatment effectiveness and make any necessary modifications in a timely manner for the best results. You won’t have to wait several months to find out if a treatment strategy is working.
  5. Specialists have the opportunity during regular inspections to look for conditions that encourage pest activity and to correct them, where possible, with barriers and other control methods. By coming to your location often, specialists can become familiar with problem areas and know where to focus their attention.
  6. Most changes that have taken place in the commercial environment can be addressed by regular pest inspections. For example, seasonal changes can affect pest activity as can any structural changes caused by construction or renovation work. Additionally, commercial settings often have a lot of foot traffic, as well as deliveries that can potentially introduce new pests.
  7. At regular inspections, specialists can educate customers about conditions that affect pest activity, as well as actions that can be taken to help mitigate those conditions. Helping your staff learn how to avoid circumstances that attract and harbor pests can be key in helping to control infestations. When technicians have time to share their knowledge, it’s a winning situation for you and a losing situation for pests.

Regular pest inspections also give you frequent opportunities to ask your specialist questions or to share concerns. Why give pests extra time between visits to set up shop in your business or organization? Get a free estimate from a professional pest control company that is serious about staying on top of pests with regularly scheduled pest inspections.