Best Mattress Covers For Bed Bugs: Defending Your Home

When it comes to defending your home, nothing but the best will do. Take a look at the best mattress covers for bed bugs and keep those pesky pests at bay.


Do you lock your door every night to prevent intruders from entering your home and harming your family while you sleep? When dealing with bed bugs, sleeping on mattresses without bed bug covers is like leaving your front door wide open.

Up to 90 percent of bed bugs in an infested home are found on or near mattresses and box springs. A pregnant female bed bug has the power to provide all the bed bugs needed to infest an entire home within a matter of weeks. Covers for bed bugs have the ability to not only prevent the infestation of your mattress, but also destroy any existing bed bugs that may be hiding deep within it. With the right bed bug covers, you can sleep peacefully at night knowing your family is protected.

How to pick mattress covers for bed bugs

Is it a full encasement?

An effective mattress cover should cover the entire mattress. Some covers market themselves as "bed bug proof", but only target certain areas of a mattress. Look for covers that fully encase your mattress and the box spring too.

Is it properly sealed?

A mattress cover can kill existing bed bugs by sealing them within and keeping them from feeding on you at night. But bed bugs are very small. With their flat shapes, they can easily sneak through crevices. Purchase a mattress cover with a zipper and reinforced seams. Higher quality covers also contain strip seals that protect the zipper and ensure a tight seal.

Has it been tested?

Bed bug covers sold by trusted pest control experts often undergo additional testing to ensure a quality product. Check to see if the mattress cover you are considering has been lab certified or tested by qualified entomologists.

Is it toxin-free?

Some covers for bed bugs contain pesticides within that assist in killing existing bed bugs. However, harsh chemicals can be dangerous and unnecessary.

Purchasing mattress covers for bed bugs can be a safe and effective way to protect your family. While using covers won't eliminate the risk of a bed bug outbreak completely, using them can prevent major infestations and make identifying bed bugs far simpler.



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