A mosquito fogger can help protect your backyard events from a mosquito invasion for a few hours, but Terminix has an ongoing solution that can repel them.

mosquito fogger


What is a Mosquito Fogger?

A mosquito fogger is a special machine powered by electricity or propane that produces very tiny droplets that hang in the air — which produces a fog. The fog will remain in the air for a period of time before settling on the ground or anything directly below it. Ideally, the fog’s chemical ingredients will cover mosquito resting sites. 

How is it Administered?

Mosquito bombs and foggers must be administered correctly to help avoid any health hazards. Certain safety equipment and clothing is necessary. Therefore, it’s best to leave the “fogging” to professionals. 

Will a Mosquito Fogger Provide Continuous Protection?

Mosquito foggers are best used before a backyard event or any outdoor special occasion for temporary relief from mosquito bites, as they are only effective at repelling mosquitoes in a concentrated area and for a short period of time — often only a few hours, depending on the product. 

The Terminix® Solution

Need more than just a few hours of protection? Terminix can help. Our mosquito solution begins working immediately to reduce the mosquito population in your yard and can last for weeks. 

Even better, our treatment features a special polymer layer that helps protect the active ingredient against weather and lawn watering, so you get long-lasting protection. Don’t let mosquitoes stop you from enjoying your backyard. Contact Terminix today to make an appointment with one of our trained specialists.