Battling a bed bug infestation is tough enough, but realizing that you’ve been left with bed bug bite scars takes the irritation to a new level. Everyone experiences bruises, bumps, cuts and scrapes over their lifetime, but the thought of lifelong marks left behind by insects like these leaves a lot to be desired. After all, if we don’t want evidence of them in our homes, why would we want bed bug scars on our bodies?

bed bug bite scars on legs

A Mixed Reaction

Everyone reacts differently to bites, and most won’t have to worry about how to get rid of beg bug bite scars. In fact, some people never even realize they’ve fallen prey to these pests. Bed bugs inject an anesthetic as they’re biting that prevents people from feeling the feeding as it happens. Bites can take several days to appear, if they appear at all, so most people won’t realize they’ve been bitten until much later. Bites can pop up randomly or in a straight line on skin left exposed during sleeping, including arms, shoulders and the neck, and typically last for several days. Marks are usually red and slightly raised, and some people can develop a rash in the surrounding area. While some have no reaction or visible signs of being bitten, the most common symptom is itching. It can be tough not to scratch, which leaves many wondering, do bed bug bite scar?

Scratching Leads to Scaring

As with any bites, the less they’re scratched the less you’ll have to worry about scarring, not to mention secondary skin infections. Though most people have enough self-control to resist the urge, itching can be more severe for others. For example, people with compromised immune systems may experience more acute symptoms, and children usually don’t possess the willpower not to scratch. Therefore, it’s advisable to treat bed bug bites symptomatically, and try alleviating the itch if it persists.

Ease the Itch

For most bed bug bites, a simple treatment plan is recommended. First, wash the bites with soap and water to help cut down on itchiness and help prevent a skin infection. A cold compress can be applied to reduce swelling, and calamine lotion can be used to lessen any itching. If it persists, apply a corticosteroid to the area. A 2006 case study of 17 patients determined that this course of treatment provided relief and reduced the duration of lesions. For further treatment methods, consult your physician.

Reduce the Appearance of Bed Bug Scars

If you find that you’ve scratched bites too much or inadvertently caused yourself to bleed, you may find yourself with bed bug bite related scars. Their appearance usually depends on the size, depth and shape of the wound left behind, as well as skin color and thickness. Steps for how to get rid of bed bug bite scars essentially align with how to get rid of all scars. To reduce visibility, you can try massaging marks daily with vitamin E and using sunscreen to avoid discoloration.

But before bed bugs leave you with bites, scaring or any other damage, contact Terminix® for a free inspection and leave the worry to the professionals.