When people think of facility management, they often think about buildings. While it’s true that consistent facility management positively impacts a building’s efficiency, function, appearance, maintenance and safety, it also impacts work-life quality for an organization’s employees. Facility management is about the buildings and the people inside those buildings.


What is facility management?

According to the International Facility Management Association, it’s “a profession that encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure functionality of the built environment by integrating people, place, process and technology.” Good facility managers must be skilled in many different areas and be able to juggle many things at once to keep a property running smoothly for the comfort and security of the people who work there.

Why is facility management important?

According to surveys of global companies, facility managers play important roles in creating positive work environments for employees. These surveys indicate that employees correlate their work setting with management’s level of care.  When employees feel they are in well-run facilities, they tend to feel more valued than when working in sub-par environments.

Here are some ways that facility management can make a difference for employees:


When a facility is well maintained, it’s easier for employees to focus on their jobs and be more productive. 


When employees think that management cares enough to provide a secure, comfortable and pleasing environment, morale is increased.


The workplace is an important factor that employees evaluate when considering whether to change jobs or not.


Physical surroundings reflect an organization’s values and goals. 


Prospective employees form opinions of a business or organization based on the condition of its facilities.

Health and safety

Employees know that their welfare is important in well-managed facilities.

Why pest control should be a part of facility management

When developing facility management strategies with employees in mind, professional pest control should be near the top of the list. Pest problems can be distracting and worrisome for employees, adversely impacting productivity, morale and a sense of well-being at work. In addition, some pests can carry pathogens that cause disease, posing threats to the health and safety of workers inside. It’s hard for employees to feel valued and appreciated if they are forced to share their workspace with pests, like cockroaches, rodents, birds and mosquitoes.

That’s why facility managers need the kind of professional commercial pest control solutions that Terminix® Commercial provides. In addition to more than 90 years of experience in termite and pest control, expert technicians, a strong satisfaction guarantee and an Integrated Pest Management prog ram, Terminix Commercial blends service and technology to make pest control management fast and easy with:

  • ScanMaster® Tracking that enables you to monitor your account online with ease, precision and real-time treatment information
  • Smart Truck technology that pinpoints the locations of all Terminix vehicles to provide a two-hour or les s response time in the event of urgent service calls
  • My Account for easy account management anytime

With Terminix Commercial, employees don’t have to worry about working alongside scary pests, and facility managers don’t have to worry about pest control management monopolizing

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