As temperatures drop, certain pests will start looking for a warm place to ride out the winter. Warehouses can be a magnet for pests but with a little bit of preparation and diligence, you can help prevent pests from sneaking inside and making themselves at home. Here's how to help safeguard your warehouse against pests this winter.

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The importance of preventative pest control

Pest prevention can vary wildly for all different types and sizes of businesses. For warehouses, it can be even more important to have protocols in place to not only identify and eliminate pests but prevent them in the first place. Since there are so many places for pests to hide in a warehouse, pests can go unnoticed for a while, giving them more time to get comfortable and start multiplying.

From contaminated inventory to productivity delays, the potential for revenue loss is also high with pests like birds and rodents able to roam free in your warehouse.

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Prepping your warehouse for winter

Birds, rodents and other wildlife looking to escape harsh winter weather can become a problem for warehouses. Putting a little effort in to pest-proof your warehouse is a smart investment that could save you more hassle down the line. Here's how to prep your warehouse for winter:

  • Increase sanitation protocols: Even if you already stick to a strict cleaning routine, there may be certain remote areas in your warehouse that have been neglected over busy periods. A change in the season is the perfect time to do a full top-to-bottom clean of your entire warehouse.
  • Reduce clutter: Routinely get rid of garbage and old cardboard to avoid attracting cockroaches, termites, and rodent infestations.
  • Manage moisture levels: Dehumidifiers in certain moisture-prone areas of your warehouse can be a smart way to reduce the chance of an insect infestation.
  • Perform repairs regularly: Check for leaky pipes and clogged drains as well as broken windows, damaged walls, or doors where pests can enter. Tackling repairs as they arise should be part of your overall maintenance routine.
  • Professional exclusion services: The experts at Terminix Commercial know how to identify weak spots in the exterior of your warehouse that you might not have spotted. Then we can recommend strategies for keeping pests out like netting, fencing, and other deterrent options.

For large warehouses, ongoing preventative pest control is the best way to protect your business and help ensure a pest-free environment all year round. Experienced professionals can help you keep up with maintenance and tackle a pest problem before it becomes a serious infestation.

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