Is your warehouse storing pests in addition to products? If so, you may need Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Many warehouse owners and managers are turning to IPM programs to help halt and prevent infestations.  Here are five reasons why:


#1: IPM Is a Multi-Faceted Approach

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website, “IPM is not a single pest control method but rather involves integrating multiple control methods based on site information obtained through inspection, monitoring and reports.”

#2: IPM Only Uses Pesticides as Needed

IPM is different from traditional pest control, which involves routine application of pesticides. Instead, IPM focuses on pest prevention and uses chemical treatments only as needed. This means that, in lieu of automatically applying chemicals to an entire gigantic warehouse space, only the pest-affected areas receive these applications using an IPM approach.

#3: IPM Helps Prevent Future Infestations

IPM techniques, such as the ones used by Terminix® Commercial, are highly effective in long-term pest control.  That’s because IPM addresses the reasons why pests may infest your business in the first place, so that prevention measures can be taken to help keep them from becoming a problem.

#4: IPM Includes Monitoring

IPM is not a one-and-done proposition. Integrated pest methods, including the ones offered by Terminix Commercial, consist of ongoing monitoring and evaluation of treatment effectiveness. If pest activity changes, so does the treatment strategy.

#5: IPM Programs Can Educate Your Staff

Your warehouse staff is often the first line of defense against pests. Since pests can often establish large infestations quickly, it’s important to know how to prevent pests in the first place. The Terminix Commercial IPM program focuses on educating your warehouse staff about the conditions that can harbor pests, as well as recognizing the early signs of an invasion.

How Terminix Commercial Can Help

The highly effective Terminix Commercial IPM program includes:

  1. Inspection of your warehouse’s interior and exterior
  2. Identification of pests and analysis of activity
  3. Addressing affected areas and implementation of methods for helping control pests
  4. Recommendations for helping limit and prevent pest activity
  5. Continuous evaluation of treatment effectiveness and any necessary modifications
  6. Upon request, education of warehouse staff to address actions and conditions that can affect pest activity.

Terminix Commercial IPM can help your warehouse:

  1. Maintain productivity:  Pest infestations can disrupt warehouse operations and efficiency.
  2. Prevent potentially costly damage: Many pests can contaminate and cause damage to stored products, structures and equipment with their gnawing, nesting and droppings.
  3. Protect employee morale:  Pests can create an unpleasant working environment.
  4. Stay in regulatory compliance: The presence of pests violate compliance standards in some industries.

For Additional Information about IPM

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