Whether you live on a farm or in a big city, one of the most common birds you’ll see is the pigeon. They’re often found around farmyards, feed mills, parks, city buildings and bridges. But once they cross the line between public property to private, pigeons can become the all-too-familiar pests and unwelcomed residents at your business.

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According to the USDA APHIS Wildlife Services, the pigeon is considered the most serious bird pests in human habitations. Problems linked to these wildlife pests include food contamination, corrosive damage to buildings and vegetation, and disease transmission. If you’re experiencing these pesky problems at the house and want to know how to get rid of pigeons, these pigeon control methods can help to get rid of the pesky pests.

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Discourage Pigeons from the Get-Go

There are many actions you can take to discourage pigeons from visiting your building in the first place. Think about the everyday habits you do that attract these potential pests. For example, are your trash containers tightly secured after you take out the garbage? You may not think twice about it, but pigeons scavenge for food scraps and your dumpster could be a gold mine for them. Also, be aware of the food you leave out. Take any dishes or platters used inside immediately along with any trash. Also, make sure you clean up anything that may have spilled during any events to help reduce attractants. Place bird feeders away from the structure and clean them regularly to keep pigeons away.

Pigeon-Proof Your Structure

Any sites in your building where pigeons can nest or roost should be pigeon proofed. This includes places like roofs, rafters, attics, ledges, balconies, garages and outdoor sheds. You can deter pigeons from making themselves at home in a variety of ways. One proofing method is to install steel prongs, such as bird spikes or porcupine wire, to prevent pigeons from landing on the surface. Vents are also a way for pigeons to sneak in and build nests. Stop them from entering your home and settling in by covering these openings with netting or screens.

Set Live Traps

If a pigeon has entered your building, pigeon removal becomes top priority. When trapping pigeons, place traps in the best locations where pigeons will likely be feeding. Place fresh feed and water to lure in the pests – this may take several days. Once the pigeons are baited in and captured, follow local regulations surrounding disposal or release methods. Keep in mind that this is a time-consuming, and often dangerous, process. It’s best to leave trapping and pigeon removal to the experts.

Apply Repellents

There are different types of repellents, both chemical and natural, that can be applied to your structure to deter pigeons. Visual repellents can provide a temporary solution when you’re trying to get a handle on your pigeon problem. You can hang reflective bird diverters from strings around your building. For a more aggressive approach, you can apply a Terminix® bird control gel that repels pigeons with a sticky layer that makes a surface unsuitable for roosting and nesting.

Seek Professional Pigeon Removal Services

Although you may have a few tricks for how to keep pigeons away, sometimes the pest problem may become too large to handle on your own. Whether it’s applying repellents or setting up traps, our professionals can provide a fitting solution to pigeon control. Contact Terminix® to inspect the pesky situation and implement a fitting product or service that can help effectively remove pigeons from your building, for good.


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