They may not be interested in catching the latest blockbuster or Broadway play, but theatres, performing arts centers and auditoriums can still be a huge magnet for certain kinds of pests. From plenty of opportunities to hitch a ride into the building to a buffet of sweet and salty snacks to keep them satisfied, the perks of living (and reproducing) in a theatre are endless.

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Why theatres and performing arts centers attract pests

From casual weekend matinees to glamorous, sold-out events to niche midnight screenings, theatres can be home to many types of shows and performances. While not everyone wants to attend the opera or catch the opening night of the latest superhero movie, pests don't discriminate.

Just like any business open to the public, a theatre can provide some of the main motivators for pests: food and shelter to reproduce. With hundreds to thousands of people going in and out every day, theatre doors are constantly open, giving pests a chance to walk right in. Bed bug issues can also start with something as simple as a guest bringing a couple in on their clothing completely unaware. From the coat check room to the auditorium seats, bed bugs may be busy finding a new home while theatre guests are distracted by the show.

Bed bugs aren't the only pest that might make themselves at home in a theatre. Spilled drinks at the concession stand can attract ants, while drains and leaks in the restrooms can become a breeding ground for flies and cockroaches if they aren't cleaned regularly.

Common Pests Found in Theatres

Dark corners, lots of foot traffic, and snacks galore are all ingredients for a pest infestation. While some pests tend to avoid areas with lots of people, other ones prefer to follow the crowds. While you shouldn't rule out any type of pest, here are the more likely ones you'll deal with in a theatre or performing arts center:

  • Bed bugs: Not only are they the ultimate hitchhikers, but bed bugs can be hard to spot in the dark. The fabric seats provide plenty of spots for bed bugs to hide and lay eggs and each new guest provides either a source of food (bed bugs feed on blood) or a ride out of the theatre.
  • Rodents: From popcorn to candy, theatres produce a lot of food waste. While it's unlikely a rodent would be running around in a theatre during a show, if the space isn't thoroughly cleaned and garbage disposed of regularly, closing hours can be the perfect time for rodents to come out.
  • Cockroaches and ants: Sticky spills are a magnet for scavenging cockroaches and ants with a sweet tooth. All it takes is a forgotten snack stuffed in a back corner to start attracting food-motivated insects.

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Pest Management for Theatres and Performing Art Centers

The most important things to stay on top of to help prevent pests in all types of theatres are cleaning and garbage disposal. Theatres should be cleaned thoroughly after each screening, performance, or event to make sure any leftover snacks, garbage and spills are taken care of right away.

A thorough inspection of seats should also be done regularly. A quick once-over probably won't give you all the information you need, so make sure to use a bright light and examine the crevices of each seat. If you notice any signs of pests, call in a professional right away.

We understand that inspecting every seat can seem daunting so hiring a professional pest control company like Terminix Commercial to do regular inspections can be a great way to ensure it's done thoroughly. We know exactly what to look for and how to keep things efficient.

Our expert technicians will point out any problem areas, treat any issues, provide recommendations and help educate your staff on the ins and outs of pest prevention.

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