Bed bugs are nocturnal, secretive ectoparasites (parasites that lives on the outside of its host) that are difficult to catch in the act. But are they affected by the cold and even less likely to be discovered in winter?

do bed bugs hibernate

Bed bugs don’t exactly go to sleep in winter and wake up in the spring hungry and groggy as bears do. They don’t die or retreat to more welcoming habitats either like some insects.

The problem is that the bed bugs aren’t living and shivering outside in the cold — they’re keeping cozy inside, where temperatures remain consistent. Both bed bugs and humans prefer similar temperature ranges. So, if bed bugs have already established themselves within a temperature-controlled space, chances are they will remain active year-round unless they are removed.

Bed bugs in winter

Bed bugs can be very resilient. Though below-freezing temperatures can kill bed bugs, they can even survive those temperatures for a brief time.

If temperatures do drop significantly, bed bugs will enter a hibernation-like state. In this state, the adults can survive without feeding for months.

Worse, winter can actually be a boon of sorts to bed bugs. First, their preferred hosts — warm human beings — prefer to stay inside. Secondly, bedclothes typically become thicker in the winter, giving these pests more cover and opportunities to hide and reproduce.

Bed bug treatment

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