Do Bed Bugs Jump?



One of the most common places humans interact with bed bugs is, no surprise, in the bed.

Because mattresses are often raised two to three feet above the floor, people often have a similar question. Do bed bugs jump onto the bed? How do they get up there?

Do bed bugs jump?

Bed bugs are insects with six legs, and they can get around quickly. Bed bugs cannot jump or fly though.

If bed bugs can't jump or fly, how do they move from place to place?

Bed bugs primarily crawl and are often transported by humans and their belongings.

How fast are bed bugs able to move?

These irritating pests can crawl three to four feet per minute on most surfaces.

That may not seem fast, but when scaled to human terms, the speed would equal that of an average adult sprinting. It is comparable to many ant species, and it is certainly fast enough for them to find a crack or crevice to hide in on the bed or bed frame.

How do bed bugs get onto beds?

Bed bugs make their way to mattresses by crawling up the legs of bed frames and nearby items that touch the bed.

Bedding and linens that hang down far enough to touch the floor can also provide a means of access. When headboards or other parts of the bed touch the wall, bed bugs can make their way onto the bed.

Bed bugs prefer natural and textured surfaces to travel on because their feet don't provide traction on slick surfaces.

What should I do if I see a bed bug?

If you see or suspect bed bugs crawling on your mattress or anywhere else, call the professionals at Terminix® to assist.