Tick Control

Our NEW Tick Defend System starts working immediately to target ticks. Monthly inspections and treatments during tick season keep tick populations down for more peace of mind.

Guess who's happy you're outside? Ticks.

And that’s important because their bites can spread disease organisms that can change lives forever. Our NEW Tick Defend System uses a four-step approach that attacks ticks from every angle to help keep your yard tick-free. Guaranteed.1

Tick control covers:

Ticks can:

Survive in winter temperatures below 32 degrees.

Wait for days — and even weeks — for a potential host.

Carry harmful diseases such as Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and more.

Find hosts in many ways, by sensing breath, body odor, body heat, moisture or vibrations.

Types of ticks

The Terminix® tick solution

We reduce the threat. You reduce the risk with our NEW Tick Defend System. This four-step approach lasts for weeks and starts working immediately, targeting them and reducing populations.

How tick control works:

  • Step 1


    We inspect your yard and identify potential tick activity sites such as tall grass, shrubs, transition areas and ornamental plants.

  • Step 2


    Our expertly trained technicians will make recommendations to adjust your outdoor space to make it less tick-friendly.

  • Step 3


    We apply a combination of liquid and granular treatments in your yard to create a highly effective barrier against ticks.

  • Step 4


    Our monthly service keeps tick populations down, giving you year-round peace of mind.

Guaranteed tick protection

We’ll do whatever it takes, by coming back between treatments at no cost, until ticks are gone.1

You need the strongest pest protection you can get

You're right to be concerned about ticks. They never stop, and approximately 30,000 cases of tick-borne disease organisms are reported to the CDC each year.2

Our NEW Tick Defend System attacks ticks from every angle and begins immediately reducing the tick population in your yard, helping protect you and your family in the process.

We'll do whatever it takes, by coming back between treatments at no cost, until ticks are gone. Guaranteed.1

All about ticks

Ticks feed on the blood of animals and may live in close association with their hosts. They’re part of the larger informal category of biting pests.

tick picture

When ticks bite a person, the body reacts to proteins injected during feeding. This reaction will often be seen as a red, raised area that may itch. It’s not uncommon for the skin reaction to remain visible for a few days, but in extreme cases, the effect can be felt for much longer. The severity of the reaction will vary according to the sensitivity of the person’s immune system.


Ticks attach themselves for a period of time, and then drop off their host to lay eggs. They require a blood meal at each stage of life in order to grow. The female tick must engorge herself with blood to obtain the nourishment necessary to produce the thousands of eggs she lays. Despite the large number of eggs produced, only a small percentage will make it to maturity.

Ticks do not embed their entire head into a host, only the mouthparts. To keep the blood from clotting, the tick will inject an anti-clogging agent.

Important Note: If you develop a reddish rash around the site of a tick bite, suffer arthritis-like pain in one or more joints or have flu-like symptoms that come and go after recently being bitten by a tick, see your physician.