Roach Smell: What Do Cockroaches Smell Like?

If you’ve ever walked into a home or building infested with roaches, you might have picked up on a peculiar smell. This cockroach odor is a result of a combination of things left behind by these insects. If you’ve picked up on a similar scent in your own home, you might be asking yourself, “Just what do roaches smell like?”

Is that a roach smell, or is it me?

Did you know that cockroaches stink? No, not just because they creep you out when you are trying to cook or take a shower. They actually have a scent. In order to communicate with each other, cockroaches use chemicals called cuticular hydrocarbons. These chemicals, which can be found on their bodies and legs, send messages about food, harborage and mates. Even after you have managed to eliminate a roach infestation, a cockroach odor might linger. This is because those same chemicals can be found in roach feces and shed roach skins. This cockroach behavior is the reason why cockroaches often collect in one place at the same time.

How can I get rid of that cockroach smell?

To eliminate a foul roach smell, you must first eliminate the source. Cockroach infestations can be difficult to manage. It is best to call a pest management professional. Of course, your work is not complete once the professional leaves. The best approach to keeping roaches out of your home is to implement an integrated pest management approach. This involves cleaning and sanitizing your home, keeping kitchen counters and other areas free of food, throwing out the garbage and eliminating clutter. You should also remove any dead roaches as soon as you find them and clean the area to ensure other roaches don’t track their path.

What do roaches smell like? The specific scent may be hard to describe, but it's definitely not a pleasant one. Cut back on your pest concerns today with a call to Terminix®.