Weevils are bugs that typically eat plants. There are more than 60,000 species in the world, most of which belong to the family Curculionidae, and they are found across the United States. With so many species around, it can be difficult to know how to kill weevils or how to handle a weevil infestation.

Preventing weevils

As with many types of pests, prevention should be the goal. Many of the types of weevils commonly found in homes are root weevils, which eat the roots of plants. Scientists believe that the weevils enter homes in search of moisture, and while they are not known to cause damage, they are nuisances. Additionally, there are several species of grain-eating weevils that can become pantry pests. The Colorado State University Extension suggests the following methods of prevention:

While Colorado State's information notes that pesticide use may help with weevil control, the University of Minnesota Extension states that it is usually not a necessary step for weevil prevention:

While these products are available to homeowners, pesticides should always be applied by a licensed pest management professional.

Weevil control

Some types of weevils will enter homes after being attracted to their gardens first, so weevil control may need to begin there. According to the Royal Horticultural Society, there are several easy ways to keep weevils from becoming a bother, including inspecting plants in the evenings and removing adult beetles by hand:

Outdoors, weevils can also be treated using certain types of nematodes, which will eat the larvae of vine weevils. The Royal Horticultural Society suggests the following types:

Weevil infestations

Once inside a home, weevils will continue to search for moisture, according to the University of Minnesota Extension. Homeowners should look for them in bathrooms and around sinks, and in other areas where water or moisture is present. If found, the Extension recommends a few simple steps to remove them:

While it is true that most of the time the weevils will leave your home as quickly as they entered it, if you are seeing large numbers, it may be time to consider other options for weevil control. Terminix® has the know-how to get rid of weevils, so call today for your free pest estimate.

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