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MyAccount faq

MyAccount FAQ

Your MyAccount questions answered.

Frequently asked MyAccount questions

To access your account, use the Forgot My Password link to reset the password using the email address.

Make sure the address entered does not include abbreviations and is an exact match to the one listed on the sales agreement when you signed up for service.

If you are a residential customer, we recommend using your phone number and customer number to locate your account.

If you are a commercial customer, we recommend using your customer number and sales agreement number to locate your account.

Note: Please be sure to enter the numbers exactly as shown on your sales agreement.

Unfortunately, login email addresses are set during MyAccount registration and cannot be changed. To use a new email address for login, you will need to re-register and create a new account.

To delete your MyAccount profile, please send an email to

Note: Once your profile has been deleted, you will need to re-register your email address to begin using MyAccount again in the future.

Invoices are available in MyAccount under the Payments & Billing tab in the My Invoice History section.

However, if you are enrolled in AutoPay or have a prepaid balance, there will be no invoices available to view online.

If you are enrolled in AutoPay or are a Year-In-Advance customer, you can view your payment history under the Payments & Billing tab in the My Payment History section.

For questions about invoices, please call 1-855-348-3152.

To reschedule your appointment, go to the Appointments & Services tab and click the My Upcoming Appointments section.

If your upcoming appointment does not appear in this section, you may not be able to reschedule it online.

For questions about appointments or to reschedule by phone, please call 1-855-348-3152.

If you have more than one invoice, each invoice will be shown on a separate line with the full balance for each invoice in the Amount column.

To pay only one invoice, simply click on the value in the Amount column and change all values to zero, except for on the specific invoice you wish to pay.

The Custom Payment Amount section will reflect your new Total Payment Amount.

To enroll in or edit AutoPay, log in to MyAccount and go to the Payments & Billing tab on the left sidebar. Then select the My Payments Due section and choose Set Up AutoPay or View AutoPay.

If you have already paid your statement by check, you can disregard the statement. Please allow up to 2 weeks, from the date the check was sent, for processing.

Log in to MyAccount and select Appointments & Services on the left sidebar. Select the My Service History section and click the green link to download service documents.

Available documents will either download as a .pdf or open in a new window or tab in your internet browser.

Note: Pop-up blockers may need to be disabled to view the documents.

Try clearing your browser's cache and cookies for the current session and then attempt to log in again.

Try checking your spam and junk folders. If the email still does not appear, please contact us or call 1-855-348-3152 for assistance.

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