Getting rid of sparrows is a difficult task and may require a combination of methods to reduce their numbers. Sparrows are aggressive and social birds that are competitive by nature towards other native birds. This bird species prefers habitats modified by humans. How to get rid of house sparrows depends on how easily accessible food, water and shelter are in your yard. They don’t migrate, and sparrows will not travel further than 5 miles from their nesting sites to find. This means if you have a flock of sparrows setting up camp in your backyard, it’s likely they intend to be long-term residents. Learn how to get rid of sparrows and how to keep sparrows away before they make themselves at home.

get rid of sparrows

Prevention and Exclusion

If sparrows begin congregating in your yard you may also find them starting to slip into your house as well. Any openings on the outside of your property can be a potential entry point for a sparrow. To help prevent them from entering your home:

  • Close any holes around your home that are larger than 3/4 inch
  • Screen in eaves to prevent house sparrows from roosting or nesting. Plastic bird netting can be used to exclude sparrows from bushes.
  • Ledge protectors (commercially available strips of protruding metal spikes) can prevent house sparrows from roosting on ledges. To be effective, the entire ledge must be covered.
  • Replace any broken windows or cover them with plywood. Check for existing nests on things like ventilators, window AC units, overhangs and ornamental decorations.


How to get rid of house sparrows using sound? There is no specific noise that will scare sparrows away, but trying a variety of loud sounds could help reduce the number of sparrows around your home. However, sound deterrents may require adjustments frequently, as sparrows adapt to sound deterrents quickly. Sound deterrents can be more effective if paired with a visual. Visual scare tactics can include balloons, kites and decoy birds of prey forms that fly above your property. Sparrows are also frightened by shiny objects such as mylar tape or foil strips. It’s worth noting that sparrows adapt quickly to both sound and visual tactics, so these methods may only work temporarily.

Habitat Modification

If you’re trying to figure out how to get rid of sparrows, you may be tempted to remove their favorite hangout spots including shrubs and trees. While this could be effective, it is also extreme. Removing shrubs and trees can be costly, time consuming and have a negative impact on the environment. A less significant measure would be to get rid of any bird feeders or at least seed that sparrows like to feed on such as millet or shelled sunflower. If you attempt to remove a nest, be careful not to remove the nests of other native birds. It’s also worth pointing out that sparrows are notorious for rebuilding damaged nests quickly.