As a property management professional, you probably already know the importance of a pest control plan. Some pests, such as termites, can also cause significant property damage. It’s estimated that termites cause a whopping $5 billion in property damage and treatment costs in the United States each year.

Do you need termite protection for your properties? Here are some of the benefits that commercial termite control can offer:

  • An effective termite treatment can help rid your property of existing termites, as well as protect it from future infestations. This helps to keep your properties safe from unexpected and potentially costly and time-consuming treatments and repairs.
  • Termite colonies can grow very rapidly. By the time you notice signs, an infestation can be well-established and quite large. Take a proactive approach by having a commercial termite inspection of your property before you even suspect termite activity. This can potentially save you time, money, frustration and tenant satisfaction.


While it’s possible for termites to be present without any signs, there are a few things you and your staff can watch for around your properties that can help indicate a possible infestation:

  • Discarded wings, especially near closed windows, doors or other access points (Termite wings are all the same size, while ant wings consist of one larger pair and one smaller pair.)
  • Mud tubes, about the size of a pencil, where the ground meets the building, on walls, ceilings, rafters and shelving
  • Wood damage found below or behind walls, floors and other surfaces


There are some things that you and your proper ty management staff can do, or have professionally done, to help prevent termite infestations from starting, like:

  • Remove standing water from around buildings and repair any leaky pipes or clogged roof gutters.
  • Fix any improperly vented foundations or overgrown landscaping that could create a moist environment.
  • Eliminate wood that comes into contact with a structure’s exterior or that serves as a bridge between the ground and a building structure.
  • Remove stumps, vines, mulch or any wooden items from building foundations and trim back tree limbs from structures.
  • Seal openings or cracks in a building’s foundation, roof or walls that could allow moisture into buildings, creating conducive conditions for termites. Also, fix any loose or defective seals around conduit or plumbing lines.
  • Repair damaged shingles, fascia boards or eaves.

However, while these tips are helpful, it’s best to contact a commercial termite control professional. Terminix® Commercial termite specialists know what to look for and where to look and have proven termite treatment solutions for your properties, including these effective methods:

  • LIQUID DEFEND SYSTEM®: Creates a treatment zone at key entry points around and through building foundations. Once exposed, termites spread the treatment to the colony, shutting down the infestation.
  • TENT DEFEND SYSTEM®: Disperses a carefully controlled, specialized fumigant throughout infested structures, permeating all structural wood timbers, trim, finished wood and furniture, as well as hard-to-treat walls and studs.
  • BAIT DEFEND SYSTEM ®: Uses baiting stations in strategic locations around buildings, delivering bait into the ground immediately and protecting properties from termites right away.

A Terminix Commercial termite specialist will be able to inspect your property and, depending on what is found, choose the right treatment plan according to your specific needs.

Terminix Commercial specialists are trained and experienced in treating termite threats in all parts of the country and can tailor specific solutions for your properties. Don’t wait until termites are already a problem and you’re facing expensive, time-consuming, inconvenient treatment and repairs. Get a free estimate today.


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