Large venues like arenas and stadiums are set up to accommodate thousands of people at once for anything from a sporting event to a concert or music festival. Unlike some uninvited guests, pests aren't trying to sneak past security to catch a game or their favorite musician live—they are simply looking for shelter and food, just like they always do.

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Just any business, pest control should be a priority for large venues. If you manage a stadium or arena, here's how to make preventative pest control and ongoing pest control a priority.

Pest Control Challenges for Arenas and Stadiums

Stadiums that house major sports teams and concerts featuring some of the biggest entertainers in the world are going to have a lot of places for pests to hide. With an abundant food source from concession stands and fans who dispose of waste absentmindedly, pests can easily make a stadium or arena their long-term home.

Once pests get inside, all they have to do is stay hidden and they'll be able to reproduce and start doing damage. That's why maintenance staff has to be extra vigilant with cleaning and making repairs while also watching out for signs of an infestation. There is a lot of ground to cover so making it a joint effort is key.

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Pests to watch out for

A large venue with lots of foot traffic will attract the same types of pests as a smaller business, the only difference is scale. Stadiums and arenas have more doors opening and closing, more people coming and going, more garbage to dispose of and more repairs to stay on top of. The most common pests that could become a problem include:

  • Birds: Birds are always looking for a place to nest and the high rafters and large doors and warehouse-sized storage areas of large venues provide the safety they need.
  • Rodents: Food debris and shelter from the elements are magnets for mice and rats. They may stay hidden from crowds, but if you spot one or two scavenging after an event, there's probably more where they came from.
  • Insects: From cockroaches to mosquitos and ants, it's likely you'll have to keep an eye out for insect populations that seem to be multiplying. It may be difficult to eliminate all pests completely but keeping infestations to a minimum is doable with a smart prevention plan.

Preventative pest control for arenas and stadiums

Concession stands, regular garbage disposal and proper cleaning protocols are essential for prevention, which is why staff needs to be fully trained in best practices. No manager can be everywhere at once, but they can make sure their staff is equipped with the knowledge and training to do their part.

Having a clear, well-laid-out schedule of preventative maintenance will help ensure no corner is left unchecked. Pest control experts like the technicians at Terminix Commercial have experience dealing with all types of pests on a range of different scales. We can help you develop pest control strategies that adhere to business compliance requirements to span the entire venue. From outdoor areas and storage spaces to food service and restrooms, every type of space is unique and may require a different approach.

With the hectic schedules of large venues, it's important to have a plan for when treatments will be done. Regular inspections and treatments are a good way to catch any issues before they spread.

Remember, with such a large venue, pests are inevitable. It's how you deal with them that matters. We can help—get in touch to request an estimate or schedule an assessment.