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Don't take a financial risk with your home; protect yourself against the costly threat of termites. Schedule a No-Obligation Termite Inspection today. If you're a homeowner, termites are your worst enemy because they can really cause some major damage. With 80 years experience in the business, we see it time and time again, people have no idea they have termites in their walls and then, one day, they notice small signs of damage. And by then it's too late, the damage is done and they're devastated. The average cost of termite damage, along with the repair, is about eighty-six hundred dollars. When someone has termites, we assess the home, get rid of the termites and repair the damage. Then, we treat their home with our Liquid Defend System. We create a perimeter around the home that holds the liquid treatment, preventing termites from coming back again. If a home is termite free, then we can offer you a plan that protects you from ever paying for any future termite treatments or damage repairs. It's called the Termite Inspection & Protection Plan. And it's backed by our powerful Ultimate Protection Guarantee 1.