Drywood Termite Prevention

Our NEW Drywood Defend System is exclusive to Terminix and is our first preventative treatment that stops a drywood termite infestation. Guaranteed.

Don't let your house be next.
Prevent The Tent

Drywood termites can enter your home unnoticed and stay undetected (eating nonstop) for over five years.

How to get the NEW Drywood Defend System

Drywood termites are sneaky invaders

Drywood termites swarm to find a new home to infest. When they find one, they can enter through door and window frames, eaves and even the tiniest cracks of your home's exterior. Once in, they can feast for years. Worse still, you can have multiple infestations at one time.


Did you know?

  • Drywood termites can fly into your home unnoticed and infest for over five years before being detected.
  • They are focused eaters that demolish one area before migrating to another part of your home.
  • They cause expensive damage to rafters, studs, structural beams and joists.

Terminix Drywood Defend Solution

A drywood termite infestation? Not on our watch. Preventing access to your home is your best defense against drywood termites. This exclusive service from Terminix works immediately and is the only way to stop future infestations.

How Drywood Defend System Works

 Initial Inspection

An expertly trained technician will inspect your home for signs of an infestation, identify high-risk areas and customize a protection plan.

 Comprehensive Treatment

Our three-part treatment begins working immediately to kill swarming drywood termites and helps prevent future infestations.

1 Interior

Treatment will be applied to your attic spaces, roof decking, areas with insulation and rafters to help control drywood termites.

2 Exterior

Your technician then treats entry points, such as weep holes and cracks or openings around windows, walls and doors.

3 Extended

Areas connected to your home are treated to strengthen your home's zone of protection.

 Continued Monitoring

We'll come back every year to inspect, retreat and reinforce your home's protective barrier, for as long as you keep your plan.

 For qualifying homes, you'll never pay for drywood termite treatments or repairs from new "drywood" damage as long as you keep your plan.*