Weevil Behavior: What Do Weevils Do?

Here are some frequently asked questions about the behavior of weevils, such as ‟what do weevils do in your home” and ‟how did they get there?”

What do weevils do in nature?

Weevils can be very destructive, depending on the species. Crop and agricultural destruction comes from the weevil’s eating habits combined with its reproductive habits. For example, grain weevils – also called wheat weevils – can cause devastating economic loss to stored grain by eating it. And due to its reproductive habits, the boll weevil almost single-handedly destroyed the southern cotton industry around the time of the Great Depression. This weevil lays its eggs inside the bolls of cotton and when the eggs hatch, the young weevils eat their way out, destroying the crop. Other weevils can be used for the biological control of nuisance plants. For instance, the aquatic leaf weevil is sometimes introduced to watery environments where weeds have taken over.

What do weevils do if they get in your home?

Some species of weevils feed on the same foods that humans do. These pantry pests can include the grain weevil, rice weevil, cowpea weevil, strawberry root weevil and the bean weevil. Many different types of weevils can get in your home, including some of the most common weevils around your property and garden: the apple blossom weevil, leaf weevil, pea weevil, strawberry blossom weevil and the vine weevil. When most types of weevils get into your home, they will seek out food. Depending on what they eat, this can be your stored food or the plants inside your home. It isn’t uncommon to find weevils in bags of rice and flour, boxes of cereal or in similar types of foods such as dried noodles and pasta. Suffice it to say, you don’t want weevils in your home or in your food.

How do weevils get inside your house?

Weevils prefer to be outdoors, but when the weather is too hot and dry, they seek shelter in structures. Some species of weevils can fly, so will enter through windows, doors and other openings that are not properly sealed. Many weevils can’t fly, so will crawl under doors, into cracks around windows and the foundation, or even hitch a ride inside after being inadvertently packed into food by manufacturers. Some weevils are attracted to light, but most are just looking for more favorable weather conditions when they enter your home. Fortunately, weevil infestations rarely happen in structures – most take place outdoors in gardens, orchards, crop fields and food storage facilities.

Are weevils dangerous to humans?

Weevils pose no physical threat to humans. Whether indoors or out, weevils only eat plants, nuts, seeds, grain, fruits, roots, etc. They aren’t known to carry or transmit any diseases or parasites. They are simply a nuisance that can cause monetary loss in the form of food and plant life.

So if you have weevils in your home, don’t ask, ‟what do weevils do?” Ask what you can do to get rid of them. The answer to that is simple: call Terminix®.