How to Get Rid of Spiders Outside

Many species of spiders are beneficial, as they eat a variety of nuisance insects. However, that doesn't mean you necessarily want them hanging around your home. If you are asking yourself "how to kill spiders outside," or "what to do with spiders outside my house," keep reading for answers.

Get rid of hiding places.

Because most spiders are helpful rather than harmful, keeping them away doesn't have to include killing them. In the case of harmful spiders, both species of widow and recluse spiders, tend to gravitate toward locations that are shaded or secluded and have limited light. They are also found in and around plants, inside garages or boxes, in corners and in piles of wood, trash or rocks. Moving these items away from your home, and reducing clutter is one way to keep spiders out. When moving things that are good hiding spots for spiders, you should wear gloves and long sleeves to reduce the chances of a spider bite. If you suspect you have been bitten by either of these spiders, seek medical treatment.

Break the webs.

Garden spiders are not harmful to humans, and are welcomed by many horticulturalists. However, these spiders can grow to be more than 2 inches long and often cover porches and windows with their large webs. These webs often include a white zigzagged line down the center, giving them the nickname of "writing spiders." Breaking their webs will encourage these spiders to seek other hunting grounds. Most garden spiders will move if their web is broken.

Clean up landscaping.

Keeping the area around your home's foundation free of debris, leaf litter and plants is another way to keep spiders away from your home. Clearing brush and vegetation away from the sides of your foundation can prevent spiders from finding it to be an attractive spot for webs.

Sweep them away.

When you do see spider webs on or around the outside of your home, you can use a broom to sweep them away. Doing this regularly encourages spiders to make their webs elsewhere.

Be careful with pesticides.

A pest management professional should be consulted before you attempt any outdoor chemical control for spiders. Pesticides should only be used as a last resort – and only with the help of a qualified professional – as spiders are resistant to many commonly available types of insecticides.

How to get rid of spiders outside doesn't have to be difficult. If you follow these tips, it should make your yard less attractive to spiders. However, if you are seeing large numbers of spiders and need to look into other methods of control, call a pest management professional.