Brown Recluse Web Identification

The brown recluse spider is an accomplished recluse. Unfortunately, this can make brown recluse spider web identification difficult. But if you are trying to decide whether or not you have one of these spiders lurking somewhere in your home, using a web for identification has some advantages. Ask yourself the following two questions to decide if the webs in your home are brown recluse webs or not.

Are there any insects caught in the spider web?

Brown recluses are hunting spiders. This means that they chase after prey instead of building webs and lying in wait. Large webs that have been built in flat sheets or between branches of leaves outside most likely belong to web building spiders. Orb weavers are especially common around the house and build prominent webs in garden areas. Comb-footed spiders are common in the home and build traditional cobwebs that look messy and tangled. These types of open-spaced webs are most likely not brown recluse spider webs.

Has it been built in a crevice?

While they may hunt for their prey, brown recluses still build webs. However, the brown recluse web is used mostly for retreat and to lay eggs. For these reasons, you will mostly find brown recluse spider webs in undisturbed locations. This includes dry, dark areas in basements and beneath furniture or storage boxes. These spiders also sometimes build webs in old shoes or clothing items that have not been worn in a while. This can be dangerous and lead to humans getting bit by the spider.

While brown recluse web identification can be a challenge, finding a web is often the first sign of a spider. If you are concerned about spiders in your home, contact a pest management professional.