There tends to be some confusion when it comes to silverfish and insulation. Can silverfish eat insulation? Will insulation help prevent silverfish? Should you be worried about your current situation? Here’s a look at the answers to these questions and more.

Can insulation help prevent silverfish? Yes, with the right insulation, many common home invaders can be thwarted. This includes silverfish, cockroaches, beetles and termites. The insulation should come from and be installed by a reputable pest management professional for the best results.

How does insulation help prevent against silverfish? Insulation that prevents against silverfish is typically bonded – or treated – with a substance such as boric acid. As the silverfish walk across – or into – the insulation, the boric acid sticks to their bodies. The silverfish ingest the boric acid when they groom themselves or eat the insulation, which causes them to die.

Do silverfish eat insulation?
Insulation that is not specifically meant to prevent pests like silverfish can quickly become food instead. Silverfish eat paper and similar products, so the paper on the back of insulation – and even the insulation itself – provides tasty meals for these insects. While this typically happens to older insulation, it can still happen with new insulation if yours isn’t treated to prevent pests. So, will silverfish eat insulation? Absolutely. But even more troubling is the fact that they will also eat through your stored valuables, books, important papers and clothing as well.

Do silverfish live in insulation? Silverfish like to live in dark, secluded areas around your home that are close to their food sources. Since insulation is found in the attic (generally one of the least trafficked spaces in the home), it can certainly become home to these and other pests. Further, since insulation can also be a meal for silverfish in and of itself, it is not uncommon to see silverfish infestations that are concentrated in the attic. The silverfish can then scurry down into the house to feed at will, should they tire of – or exhaust their supply of – insulation.

So, can insulation help prevent silverfish? Yes, but only if you get the right type. Call Terminix® today to discuss your insulation options, and get a free insulation inspection. Your heating and cooling bills aren’t the only things insulation should lower – it should also reduce your risk of pest infestation.