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Everyone inherently knows that cockroaches are unclean but they see ants as just these little, benign workers looking for crumbs. Ants can contaminate food and carry disease just as easily, all pests place you at risk. It takes a cockroach only 1/16th of an inch to get into your home. And, once they do get in, ants and cockroaches will make your home their home and, possibly, make you sick. They are very effective at contaminating surfaces with all sorts of unfriendly bacteria. Pests can transmit up to 33 infectious diseases including staph, strep, E. Coli and Salmonella. They, actually, can leave little fecal trails to let other cockroaches know where there's food and water so where there's one, there could be thousands. As the #1 pest control company worldwide, Terminix® Pest Control provides guaranteed protection that addresses not just the pests you see but the sources of your home's pest problems. An initial treatment inside the home gets to the pests you see and the pests you don't. Then we establish a perimeter around your home to help keep pests out altogether. Finally, regular quarterly treatments reinforce the outer perimeter giving you power over pests. Our pest control plan is backed by our Ultimate Protection Guarantee.