Cockroach Prevention: How to Keep Roaches Away

Despite roach prevention efforts, one of the most widespread and persistent pests on the planet is the cockroach. Just seeing one of these creatures crawling on your kitchen counter or hanging out near your pantry is enough to make anybody want to know how to keep cockroaches out for good. And while cockroaches have survived for millions of years – and will most likely be around for many more years to come – there are a few things you can do to help prevent cockroaches from taking over your world.

How to keep cockroaches away with proper sanitation

Even the cleanest of homes can provide harborage for cockroaches. Roaches can sustain themselves on a minimal amount of food and water. A small pile of crumbs and a few water droplets is all they need to survive. Good housekeeping practices, both indoors and outside, play a key role in controlling cockroach populations. Help prevent cockroaches with the following actions:

How to keep roaches out through proper food storage

Cockroaches are nocturnal and spend the majority of their time resting in small cracks of cabinetry, wall voids and other dark, undisturbed areas near their food and water sources. They prefer to lay on surfaces such as cardboard, unfinished wood or layered paper. With that in mind, consider taking the following actions:

How to prevent cockroaches through exclusion methods

Knowing how to keep cockroaches out of a structure will often help to prevent cockroaches from infesting the interior. Although considerable effort may be required in some cases, these suggestions will help:

Trying to prevent cockroaches from infesting your home can be a monumental task. If cockroaches are getting the upper hand, you need to call for reinforcements. The pest management professionals at Terminix® know how to keep roaches away and stand ready to help you win the war against cockroaches. Call today for your free pest estimate.