• Size: One-quarter of an inch long.
  • Color: Black to blackish-brown.
  • Behavior: The strawberry root weevil is one of the more common of structure-invading weevils encountered around homes. Both adults and larvae feed primarily upon strawberry plants but will also attack bramble and evergreens such as pine and yew. In nurseries, they are known to be pests of some evergreen shrubs. Both the strawberry root weevil larvae and adults overwinter within leaf litter and other vegetative debris on the ground and, upon warming weather, larvae begin feeding in the soil on the plant roots. The adults emerge soon after and infest the above-ground parts of the plants. Generally, two generations of strawberry root weevils may occur each year. This weevil cannot fly and disperses by crawling, which often brings them wandering into homes and other buildings. In some cases, large numbers of weevils may be discovered crawling on floors, walls and even ceilings.


This weevil is primarily found in the northern United States and Canada. Infestations originate from the exterior landscaping where preferred plants such as wild strawberries, yews or other evergreens are used as groundcover. 


Tips for Control

Strawberry root weevils depend on their host plants to survive, so long-term relief from infestations depends on the building owner’s willingness to replace such plants in the landscaping. Short-term relief depends on targeted treatments around the building applied by a pest management professional.