We know that scorpions exist and still roam the planet, but where? Do scorpions live around you? Chances are, yes. Scorpions are found on every continent except for Antarctica. It is believed that scorpions spread to many different locations by ‟hitchhiking” in cargo.

Once dispersed into an area, these creatures have the innate ability to adapt to almost any environment. They can be found in mountainous areas, deserts, forests and marshes. Here’s a closer look at some of their favorite hiding places.

The perfect climate
Scorpions thrive in temperatures ranging from 68 to 99 degrees Fahrenheit. Certain species can live in extremely cold climates, while others prefer hot, arid deserts. In these extreme temperatures, scorpions must be able to burrow into the soil to either find warmth or protect themselves from the sun.

Put out that light
These eight-legged pests are sensitive to light, so they tend to stay in protected areas during the day. They love to hide in the sand and underneath rocks. You can also find them under logs, piles of rubble, heavy vegetation and clutter. Some species, such as the bark scorpion, will nest in trees and bushes.

Just waiting for a meal
Scorpions are skilled predators. They rest in their burrow, or nesting area, waiting for an unsuspecting food source to pass by. Once they sense the vibrations of their prey, scorpions grab it with the claws located on the tips of each of their front legs. If the prey is small enough, scorpions simply crush it. If not, they inject the prey with venom from the stinger at the end of their tail. Once the prey is no longer able to escape, the armored predators enjoy their feast.

So, where do scorpions live? Hopefully not in or around your home. Not only can they sting, but all scorpions are venomous. While their venom isn’t always harmful to humans, the sting of certain species can be life-threatening. If scorpions decide to take up residence at your place, call the pest management professionals at Terminix® to help put an end to the threat.