As temperatures begin to warm up, you're probably thinking about spending more time outdoors with your friends and family. And while the spring-like weather is a welcome break from the cold, dreary winter, it's also an open invitation for unwelcome pests like mosquitoes to ruin your day.


There are a variety of ways to treat and prevent mosquitoes, including sprays you can buy at your local big box store. But are these products safe to use? According to the CDC, if you follow the label for mosquito control products, then mosquito treatment is safe to use and safe for you, your family and your pets. Learn more about these mosquito products and how to use them safely.

Types of Mosquito Treatment

If you're shopping for mosquito treatment, you'll find several types of products. These include ready-to-use sprays and larva control. You must follow the label. Not all products are labeled for standing water. And application to flower beds when honey bees or other pollinators are present may not be permitted.

These products are generally considered safe-use as long as you follow all application instructions. So whichever method you choose, be sure to adhere to all manufacturer guidelines.

However, the best type of mosquito treatment is experienced, proven and professional mosquito control services.

When Should I Use Mosquito Treatment?

If you know you're going to be spending time outside or hosting an event, consider applying treatment to mosquito resting areas in your yard the day before. This will allow time for the product to start working and begin reducing the mosquito population on your property. Be sure to follow the label instructions.

The CDC recommends that you use personal mosquito repellents for an added layer of protection. These products typically contain DEET or other EPA-registered repellents, and can be applied right before outdoor activity to help prevent bug bites. As with any product, though, you should read and follow all application instructions carefully before using a mosquito repellent on your body.

Knowing About Mosquitoes is Important for Effective Mosquito Treatment

To effectively treat for mosquitoes, it's important to know mosquito basics, such as where they rest and lay eggs. This is where the Terminix mosquito control professionals will come in handy.

There are additional preventive steps you can take as part of a total mosquito control program, such as keeping your grass cut short, removing areas of standing water, removing weeds and ensuring proper drainage.

What Is the Best Treatment for Mosquitoes?

For the most effective mosquito control, we recommend professional services. A mosquito control professional is trained in finding and treating mosquito resting and breeding areas, and understands how to read the label and apply the products according to label directions.

At Terminix®, our mosquito control specialists will conduct an inspection of your yard and develop a treatment plan. Our initial treatment will provide mosquito protection for weeks, and monthly follow-up treatments will help ensure your yard stays enjoyable all season long. Get started with a quote today.