Welcome to the Weekly Buzz, a roundup of the most interesting bug and pest stories that you may have missed. This week we've got robot roaches, early scorpions, cats that work for a living, and much more.


Bacteria v. Zika? A Brazilian study reportedly says a common bacterium may be able to limit the spread of the Zika virus , though it's no quick fix.

Why Not Late? Scorpions have apparently emerged early in Arizona this year. Check out how they glow under a blacklight!

Laissez Les Termites Rouler: New Orleans experienced a major swarm of formosan termites recently. Take it from us, formosans are no fun.

Step Up: If the thought of roaches helping each other climb stairs fills you with dread, will it help you to know they were robot roaches? Not really, right?.

Working for a Livin' Kitten: It looks like stray cats that might otherwise have trouble finding homes are starting to earn their keep as mouse and rat killers. Talk about a dream job.

For more information on the pests above, check out the links below: