The Weekly Buzz is a roundup of stories in the bug and pest industry. This week discusses a swarm of bees at a spring training baseball game, Formosan termites making a new home in Florida, fly control discoveries and more.

Bees Swarm a Spring Training Baseball Game

A group of swarming bees made the quite the appearance at a spring training baseball game between the San Diego Padres and Colorad o Rockies, sending baseball players to the ground. But there was no reason to fear. Rea d more

Formosan Termites in South Florida

Pinellas County, one of South Florida’s most densely populated counties, has seemed to largely go unaffected by the destr uctive Formosan termite, until now. Read more

New Model Could Aid in Fly Control

Through a long study at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in which 1.7 million flies were caught, a model has been formed for helping predict stable fly populations, aiding in integrated pest management programs. Read more

Wasp Study Could Help in Battle Against Mosquito-borne Disease

By using a parasitic wasp, researchers at the University of Georgia were able to run tests to gain insight on how mosquito-borne diseases, like Zika virus, are able to effect a host’s immune system undetected. This insight could help aid in the battle against these diseases. Read more

Star Trek Wasps

A group of wasps found in tropical regions of North America, Central America and South America have a new name that matches its odd lifestyle. What Star Trek character is th is wasp named after? Read more