The Buzz turns one this month. For one year now, The Buzz has been a resource for helping teach readers about bugs and other pests, the issues they can cause while helping provide solutions for those issues. As we look back on the first year, we pulled some of our favorite articles (and some of your favorites) for a Terminix blog birthday wrap-up, including infographics, quizzes and guides!


One goal of the blog is to teach curious readers about some of the more mysterious pests out there, and data showed that readers found these three informative articles pretty interesting:

Signs Your Room Has Bed Bug

Bed bugs can be an itchy and unsightly nuisance. And since they can reproduce and spread so rapidly, it helps to know the signs of a bed bug infestation so you can treat the problem as early as possible. These tips apply for when you’re traveling as well.

Are Millipedes and Centipedes Poisonous?

Is it a centipede or is it a millipede? Is either one poisonous? These are some com mon questions and this article does a good job of explaining the differences between the two.

What Attracts Silverfish to Your Home?

People seem to be very curious about the silverfish – a creepy insect that can move around really quickly. Silverfish can trigger allergic reactions in some people and damage items in your home. So it’s a good idea to keep them out. And an effective way to help keep them out of your home is by knowing what attracts them in the first place.


Standard blog articles are great, but sometimes visuals are needed to help explain the content a little more clearly. Below are some of our favorite infographics from the year. You can click on the individual graphics to go to its blog article to learn more.

Bug Bite Identification


What are the Differences Between Termites and Carpenter Ants?


How to Seal Windows to Help Keep Bugs Out


How Do Mice Get in Walls?



Thank you for celebrating The Buzz blog birthday with us. We have a few party favors you can download and take with you.

With many bugs and pests, there’s a lot of important information and it can be difficult to fit it all into one article to be consumed in one visit. So we create “everything you nee d to know” long-form guides that you can download and read at your leisure. Below are three guides that were created through the year.

Download the Ultimate Termite Guide

Download the Ultimate Mosquito Guide

Download the Ultimate Bed Bug Guide