stay-at-home bug activities that parents and kids will love

Hey, parents and kids! We know that being inside the house can be tough on everyone. To help, we’ve got some great activities that don’t require a lot of prep work and are fun for the whole family!

  • Coloring pages: Unleash your creativity and give some color to the most common household pests using our Terminix coloring pages.
    >> Download coloring pages here

  • Pest word search: Up, down, diagonal, backwards – pests are hiding all over the place in our fun word search game. See if you can spot them all!
    >> Download pest word search here

  • Terminix truck: Pest control is on a roll with our paper truck assembly kit. Some scissors and glue are all you need to give this truck a little speed. Zoom zoom!
    >> Download Terminix truck here

  • Fast facts: How often do mice eat? How many eyes does a spider have? The answers may surprise you! Take a look at our pest trivia to find out about these topics and more!
    >> Download pest facts here

  • Insect inspection scavenger hunt: Make a list of some common insects that you may see in your yard. Divide into teams or tackle the hunt solo to see who can find the items on the list first!

  • Spider shaving cream art: All you need are some cookie sheets and a can of shaving cream to unleash your inner Picasso. Spread some shaving cream on the tray, then let the kids get their hands dirty (literally) drawing some creepy crawlies.

Don’t forget the classics, too. With a simple pencil and paper, you can draw your favorite bugs and make your own coloring sheet. Play a game of Pest Pictionary and have teams “guess the pest!” The possibilities are limitless! Now, get to playing!