At Terminix®, we know how to defeat unwanted guests. After all, we’ve been relentlessly eradicating termites and pests for more than 90 years. Other intruders like heat, cold and moisture? Those don’t stand a chance against us either. So it’s only natural that we continue providing that peace of mind by also including relentless protection against one of the most frightening intruders of all: humans.

Front Door Security: What’s The Big Deal?

Sure, there was a time when homeowners didn’t even think about locking their doors at night and while they were away. If you live in a nice neighborhood, you still don’t need to worry, right? Wrong. Times have certainly changed. In fact, in the United States, one burglary takes place nearly every 18 seconds. What’s more, the typical burglar lives within a two-mile radius of target houses. And of those approximate 4,800 burglaries each day, 34 percent occur with the intruder entering through the front door. Think your deadbolt and measly door frame are enough to protect you against that? Think again.

Typical Door Security Systems

When it comes to knowing how to secure front doors, back doors, windows and any other access points throughout houses, many homeowners rely on the support of monitored home security systems. That could include a mixture of cameras, motion detectors, sensors and alarms on the inside and outside of the house — all of which are monitored 24 hours a day by an offsite alarm company. Interestingly, security company signs and stickers alone posted outside homes have proven to be effective deterrents, in some cases. Likewise, many companies have caught on to the idea that burglars are deterred at merely the sight of cameras, so they’ve begun offering non-monitored security services, as well (that is, you monitor the home’s activity from an app on your phone and call the authorities yourself — if you’re lucky enough to catch a burglar in the act).

When it comes to keeping your family and possessions secure, there are several steps you can take to keep your home protected that don’t involve a security system, such as making your house less appealing by keeping your bushes trimmed and removing structures that could provide cover for unwanted guests.

But what about that 34 percent? When it comes to doors, specifically, aside from a sensor or two and a deadbolt lock, there’s usually not very much in the way of door security systems. And if your front door isn’t metal or solid core wood throughout, you can certainly forget about it protecting you after just a few strong kicks.

Terminix® Door Defend™ : The Strongest Defense Against Intruders

Want front door protection that’s 10 times more effective than a deadbolt? How about protection that’s made with military-grade materials, including steel, nylon and industrial-strength polycarbonate — yet it keeps a low profile when not in use and doesn’t interfere with your home’s décor? Terminix®  Door Defend™ provides a revolutionary way of protecting you, your family and your possessions. Its secret strength? Your home’s own floor.

The floor-to-door locking system is installed seamlessly along your door’s threshold — whether your floor is wood, concrete or covered (with carpet or tile, for example). When it’s activated, a wedge of unrelenting protection rises up and uses the strength of your floor to lock out intruders, providing a level of stopping power that deadbolts can’t compete with.

The best part?  Terminix® Door Defend™  is both Bluetooth® - and Wi-Fi-enabled, so it puts you in control of your front door security 24/7. Whether you’re home, outside in the yard or away on vacation, Door Defend™  has you covered.

Why take a chance with conventional methods? It’s time to show those intruders you mean business. Rely on Door Defend™  and get superior “floor-to-door and 10 times more” protection that you can expect from Terminix — your Defenders of Home.