Termites are relentless, causing over $5 billion in damage and treatment costs each year in the United States. Lucky for you, you’ve chosen Terminix® to help protect your home. By doing so, you’ve chosen an industry leader with 90 years of experience protecting homeowners from termites. And with your choice comes added benefits. Learn more below.

Annual Inspections

Termites feast 24/7, generally on wood, and can strike your home at any time. That’s why you have a termite plan. And that’s why we inspect your home during each year of your plan.

During your inspection, your Terminix technician will look inside (when accessible) and outside of your home for various signs of termites, including:

  1. Discarded wings from termite swarmers
  2. Mud tubes created where the ground meets your house
  3. Visibly damaged or hollow sounding wood
  4. Blisters in wood flooring

Signs of termites can be difficult to spot. There are also different species of termites that each have their own characteristics. Therefore, the signs of an infestation vary based on the different species of termites.