Get ready. We’re about to drop some major pest knowledge on you. Here are some house rules and tips about pests you should watch out for and tips to help keep them out.

house rules

House Rule #1

Don’t leave any crumbs out in the kitchen. Since an American cockroach can live for a week without its head you may turn on the lights to a headless surprise party in the middle of the night. But don’t worry, they’ll never throw you a fiesta because we’re on it. 


House Rule #2

Never leave pet food out. With more than 12,000 ant species in the world – pet food on display is like hosting an entire species’ family reunion in your own backyard. But those ants will never even make it through the buffet line because we’ll be there to shut that party down. 


House Rule #3

When you check in, check out your hotel room – very carefully. Since bed bugs mostly feed at night, you may not realize you’re sleeping in a nightmare until after they take a bite.  And if bed bugs every hitch-hike their way into your home, we’ll be there to stop them.


House Rule #4

Holes or cracks in the outside of your house, is a no-go. Since mice can fit through an opening one-fourth of an inch, you may be getting new roommates that eat all your food and definitely don’t pay their part of the rent. Just one call from us and we’ll change the locks on your unruly roommates. 


House Rule #5

Don’t let water collect around or under your house. Because all of a sudden that wet spot isn’t just responsible for one or two mosquitoes, but could be a breeding ground for thousands. How are you going to get yard of the year, with those kinds of tenants. But even if they take over, we’ll make sure they’re sorry.


House Rule #6

Don’t leave any food unwrapped in your house. Rats won’t think twice about chewing through your foundation and into your walls just for a whiff of what you had for breakfast. But with Terminix on your side, snack time for them means a smack down with us.


House Rule #7

Turn off all unnecessary outside lighting at night. Unlike other spiders, wolf spiders hunt down bugs that are attracted to lights. Meaning, you’re making it even easier for all kinds of pests to break and enter your home. Not on our watch. No matter what gets in, we don’t have a problem locking them out. 


House Rule #8

Clutter could mean chaos. Don’t leave any wood or moisture issues unresolved around your home. You could be serving up your home sweet home on a large silver platter without even knowing it. Take down our order instead and defend your home from those hungry foragers.