Let’s face it — opossums are a nuisance. They make a mess if they get into your garbage, they eat your pet’s food and they can cause damage to your home. They sometimes carry harmful germs and pathogens that cause diseases.


Opossums break into your house by finding a small hole and chewing around it until it’s big enough for them to slip through. Garages, attics and underneath porches are their favorite hangouts. If you’ve ever had an opossum in the attic, you know they can shred the insulation, chew on wires and even die, leaving a stinky and hazardous mess. Bottom line, they’re bad news. Not to mention they could potentially have babies and create further problems.

Here are a few ways to help get rid of opossums and keep them away.


Walk around your home and property to shore up areas that provide easy entry to opossums. You're looking for holes in the siding of your home, garage, sheds or other structures around your property. Opossums can squeeze through even the seemingly smallest of holes by actively working to make the hole bigger. Examine the eaves and underhangs of your roof as well for areas that may need maintenance to prevent opossums from forcing their way into your home and structures.


Opossums are attracted to food, so by removing food sources, you will make your property a lot less inviting.

  • This means never intentionally leaving food out for them and keeping garbage cans tightly closed.
  • Also, clean barbecue grills and grease traps after each use.
  • Avoid putting out birdseed.
  • Pick up fruit that drops from plants or trees, and feed your pets indoors. If this isn’t feasible, feed your pets in the middle of the day.
  • Opossums usually become active after the sun goes down.  


Motion-activated lights or sprinklers along the perimeter of your home and around fruit trees may frighten opossums. The smell of a potential predator can be a deterrent as well. 

Take these steps to help get rid of opossums on your property, and you should have success keeping them away.