Once spring arrives, many of us enjoy spending time outdoors. We don’t enjoy all the bugs and pests that join us, however, especially if they sneak into the house. Here are some ideas that will not only help you keep the bugs away during warm weather, but also get some home-improvement projects done at the same time.

Seal Your Windows

  • Inspect each window carefully. Look for any damage, cracks or holes. Note any holes or rips in the screen. If you find damage, repair it quickly.
  • Clean each window and screen thoroughly, then apply moisture-resistant caulk to the outer edges of the window frame. This will help seal the windows frames and help keep the bugs out.

Have a Professional Trim Your Trees

  • Keeping your trees trimmed serves a dual purpose. It helps them grow properly and prosper and can also help keep rats and squirrels out of your home. Squirrels can jump from a tree to a roofline with ease. Once they're on the roof, these clever pests can find their way into your house through the attic.
  • Rats, squirrels and other kinds of pests can also use vines to access your home. Remove ivy, wisteria and other climbing plants from fences and outside walls to help prevent an infestation.

Do Some Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning projects provide the perfect opportunity to get your home in top shape and help evict pests in the process. There are a number of ways to help keep bugs away by practicing good home hygiene.

  • Vacuuming your floors and furniture will help remove any traces of food that can attract pests. This is especially important if you find evidence of rats in the house. Consider giving your carpets a deep cleaning once in a while, as directed by the manufacturer.
  • Your trash can, pantry, fridge and freezer also need regular and thorough cleaning to help avoid attracting pests. Clear away food scraps and make sure to wipe up any spills that bugs or rats might consider a nice midnight snack.
  • Once your home has had a nice deep cleaning, make a  daily cleaning schedule  and keep it. A good routine only takes minutes each day and is essential for helping keep insects, rats and other unwanted guests out of your home. Search online for a cleaning calendar that lays out a daily plan for keeping your home in good and clean shape.

Inspect the Exterior of Your Home

Take time to walk around the exterior of your house and carefully inspect it for cracks or holes. Even a small opening can be a gateway for pests to enter your home, so take preventative measures as needed and seal any holes you find. You should contact a professional for assistance if parts of the exterior are too high or difficult to access and inspect, especially if you have a high roofline or a multi-story home.

Helping prevent and resolve springtime pest issues in your home can help you enjoy this lovely season both inside and outside. Should you find you need professional assistance, learn how Terminix® can help.