Ticks reach their peak activity in the spring and summer, but you can avoid them year-round. Learn about tick prevention tips and see how Terminix can help.

tick prevention

Tick Prevention Tips 

Tick prevention involves spraying your clothing with a good repellent, avoiding potentially tick-infested areas and wearing protective clothing when spending time outdoors. Read what steps you can take below to help protect yourself from this parasite

Use Tick Repellents

There are a number of tick prevention products you can use to apply to yourself and your pets. You can purchase over-the-counter tick repellents that contain DEET, permethrin or picaridin for yourself and your family. These products will typically come in a spray that you can apply to your clothing before going outside. You can also purchase permethrin-treated clothing. This will help deter ticks from latching on. Always follow the product’s safety instructions

Avoid Tick-Infested Areas

Avoiding ticks when you are camping, hiking or just spending time outdoors requires knowing what areas they will most likely be hiding in. Ticks prefer wooded areas with high grass and a lot of leaf litter. In particular, deer ticks like to live at ground level in shady areas that are high in moisture. When you go outside, stay away from tall grass, brush or shrubs, as they tend to use this vegetation to latch on to animals walking by. You should also inspect areas in your garden or yard that are next to the edges of woods and stone walls

Wear Protective Clothing

Tick protective clothing includes wearing long sleeves and pants whenever you plan to go on a hike or walk through forested areas. As an added precaution, tucking your pants into your socks will help prevent ticks from crawling up your legs. 

Inspect Yourself and Pets

When you return home from being outdoors, conduct a full body check and inspect your pets, as well. Ticks can hitch a ride on your clothing or pets, then latch on later when they get the opportunity. Finding them before they get the chance will help prevent being infected with any tick-borne diseases they may be carrying. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends using a mirror to check the following areas on your body:

Under the arms
In and around the ears
Inside the belly button
On the back of the knees
In and around the hair
Between the legs
Around the waist

Modify Your Yard

Last, if you want to avoid ticks, help keep them out of your yard. Ticks like to live where their hosts live, so if your yard is attracting other pests, such as rodents or birds, you will have to modify your yard for them, too. Here are some measures you can take:

Remove any leaf, wood or debris piles that ticks and their hosts can use to hide. 
Get professional help for any rodent infestations.
Create a border between your yard and any wooded areas using rocks or wood chips.
Consult a pest control specialist for pesticide treatment.

Our professionals at Terminix® can inspect your yard free of charge and create a customized treatment plan. If other pests are bringing ticks to your yard, we can treat for that, too. Contact Terminix today to find out how we can help.