Bed bugs. Just the name of this notorious pest is enough to make some people shudder. After all, no one wants to have to deal with blood sucking nuisances that can cause itchy welts and be difficult to get rid of. Yikes. But while bed bugs are difficult to get rid of—it’s not impossible. Especially with the help of a professional.

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Professional removal

Before you can prevent bed bugs from returning, you have to get rid of them in the first place. While there are some DIY methods for getting rid of bugs, the most effective treatment is going to be administered by a professional. This is because bed bugs are hardy pests. After they make themselves at home in cracks and crevices of bed frames, mattresses, and upholstered furniture, they can live for seven to 12 months! And because you may not wake up during a feeding—and may not even react to bed bug bites, as some people don’t—it’s very possible for a bed bug infestation to be well underway before you notice. At that point, you should call in a professional.

Terminix offers solutions for managing and getting rid of bed bug infestations. The method of removal will vary from situation to situation, with a Terminix pest professional determining the best approach after inspection. They’ll come up with a custom solution for you.

What can you do?

While professional treatment is by far the most effective method for getting rid of bed bugs, bed bugs are known to travel in your belongings. Here are some ti ps for when you travel to help lessen the chances of bringing bed bugs back home with you.
  • Put protective bed bug encasements o ver your mattress and box spring to reduce the cracks, crevices, and seams where bed bugs can hide.
  • When you travel, make sure to check the mattress, headboard, and bedframe for any signs o f bed bugs like blood spots or eggs. You may also want to inspect any upholstered furniture in your room and within dressers.
  • Don’t put your luggage on the bed or floor; instead, make use of the luggage rack and keep your luggage closed when not in use
  • Launder and dry items according to manufacturer instructions upon your arrival home
  • Inspect your items thoroughly before placing them in your bedroom or closet
  • Put backpacks and purses in a hall closet instead of on a bed, couch or chair

There’s no denying that bed bugs are a nuisance. But with the proper treatment and following some prevention methods during travel, you can help keep them at bay. As detailed above, Terminix offers effective solutions for removing bed bugs from your home. Think you have bed bugs that have made themselves at home? Don’t wait to contact a Terminix pest professional today.

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