Terminix Commercial today released its first-ever Pest Perceptions Report, an in-depth study of the pest problems business leaders face and their confidence in taking them on. The report reveals surprising truths about pests in commercial settings. For example:

  • Instead of physical damage, more than 50 percent of businesses say negative word of mouth causes the most harm after an infestation.
  • Seventy-eight percent of businesses are confident their facilities are pest-free; however, 65 percent feel their buildings could be vulnerable to a future infestation.
  • Roughly 1 in 5 businesses take on the critical work of pest prevention without input from a pest management expert.

Commercial customers face a myriad of challenges every day and look to a pest management partner that can give them peace of mind that their business is protected from pests. The Pest Perceptions Report demonstrates the deep understanding that Terminix Commercial’s team has of these challenges and their readiness to be an effective partner for every business.

Because Terminix Commercial knows no two businesses are alike, the report provides in-depth analysis of how factors such as industry and region can affect why businesses choose to have a pest control provider, the most common pests organizations face, and more. For instance, business leaders in the Southern region of the United States report cockroach challenges more frequently than other areas, while their peers in the West report termites more than other parts of the country. In addition, for facilities such as warehouses and food manufacturers, the biggest harm actually comes from operational disruptions. Proper preventative pest control measures help guard against the disruption, loss of hours and inconvenience that an infestation can cause.

“What sets Terminix Commercial apart is our awareness of our customers’ needs and commitment to partnership,” said Mike Vazeii, senior director, marketing and product, Terminix Commercial. “We have a deep understanding of the challenges facing businesses today and the knowledge and capabilities they need in a partner to fight back against pests, as demonstrated through this report. As we continue to grow our commercial presence nationally and expand our footprint, we hope to live up to our ‘Business First’ brand by providing unparalleled expertise and service.”

Terminix Commercial understands these challenges and the importance of its customers’ businesses remaining protected from pests, and has launched its new brand centered on its commitment to putting business first.

The full Pest Perceptions Report is available here.

pest perceptions report

Terminix Commercial partnered with a third-party service provider to research decision makers’ attitudes and perceptions of pest control services through a survey and focus groups.