How to Help Keep Bugs Out of Your House

Are your home’s defenses air tight when it comes to helping keep bugs out of the house? You may think so, but sometimes there are areas that are susceptible to insects without you even realizing it.

Use the following checklist to determine whether you’re unwittingly inviting bugs into your home.

Cluttered Areas

Be it inside or out, clutter can attract bugs to your home. Piles of books, toys, cinderblocks and so forth can provide shelter to insects. Help nip bugs in the bud by tidying up your home both inside and outside.

Cracks in the Foundation

When thinking about how to help keep bugs out of your house, you want to keep the state of your foundation in mind. If yours has any cracks at all, then you may have just given bugs an entryway into your home. Regularly inspect the foundation of your house and properly caulk any cracks or crannies that could provide bugs with an access route to the inside.

Excess Moisture

Like people, insects generally need water to live. While some get their water through the food they eat, many rely on moisture. So if you have leaky faucets and sink taps or areas in your yard where water pools, you’re giving bugs an open bar. You can help keep bugs out of the house by fixing any leaks or drips and filling in areas susceptible to puddles. Making sure there’s no areas of standing water in your yard is an effective way to help keep mosquitoes away, in addition to other bugs. Additionally, don’t leave pet water bowls outside if possible.

Exposed Food Sources

Many insects are happy to eat human food, especially grains and proteins. If you have a tendency to leave food out, you should consider investing in insect-proof storage solutions. You should also thoroughly wipe down your countertop on a regular basis, including under toasters, stove vents or slow cookers. In addition, make sure pet kibble is stored in containers and don’t leave bowls of food out overnight if possible.

Dusty Vacuum

Has it been so long since you last used the vacuum cleaner that it’s wearing a fine coat of dust? Regular vacuuming can help get rid of crumbs that might attract pests to your home. Additionally, when you vacuum, you’re likely to remove eggs that some insects may have laid indoors.

Door Gaps and Torn Screens

If you have large gaps under your door or torn screens on your windows, you may as well set out tiny welcome mats for insects. After all, most insects are very small and don’t need much room to crawl through in order to make their way inside. Patch or replace torn screening and use weather stripping and door seals to help keep bugs out of your house.

Is There a Spray to Help Keep Bugs Out of the House?

Some sprays can be effective, but bug sprays alone likely won’t solve your pest problems. Because of this, you should contact a pest control professional, like the ones at Terminix®, and let a trained technician work with you to customize a prevention plan that suits your needs.

Now you know how to help keep bugs out of the house. But what if they’ve already made their way indoors? If that’s the case, consider contacting Terminix for help creating a treatment plan.



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