Bed Bug Couch Covers

Finding the right bed bug couch cover – or bed bug sofa encasement if you want to get technical – is crucial. Buy it too big and your couch won’t be comfortable to sit on. If it’s too small, the cover could rip and bed bugs will escape. If the quality isn’t there, then the bed bugs certainly will be. Here’s what to do and look for with bed bug couch covers:

Is the couch treated?

While couch covers are designed to trap bed bugs inside for 12 to 18 months, it’s still a good idea to thoroughly inspect your couch and have it treated for bed bugs beforehand. Couch covers are durable, but they are not foolproof.

Are you getting the best quality bed bug sofa encasement?

There are many options to choose from when it comes to quality. Some of the most helpful features of bed bug couch covers are: waterproofing, breathability, fire retardation and non-allergenic qualities. These features can help prevent dust mites, mold, staining, dander and pollen buildup as well.

Did you get the right size and shape?

Measure your furniture using a tape measure. You will need the full dimensions of your couch (i.e., width, length and height). Match these dimensions as closely as possible to the size range and description given on the outer packaging of the bed bug sofa cover (e.g., small, medium, large, extra-large; sectional, curved, love seat, etc.).

Are you installing like a professional?

There are some simple tricks that will make any bed bug couch covering more effective. These include placing cardboard or padding under the sofa feet to prevent them from ripping through the cover and putting heavy-duty tape over the end of the zipper to create a more complete seal. It’s also advisable to keep sharp objects off of the couch covering, including any clawed, furry family members. If the cover rips, replace it immediately.

Remember, bed bug couch covers and sofa encasements are only one aspect of bed bug control. A complete treatment is needed to effectively tackle your bed bug problem. This all starts with a thorough inspection. To get your free bed bug inspection, call Terminix® today and don’t just cover your bed bugs, kill them.