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Terminix is the Official Pest Control Provider of Minor League Baseball

This year, Terminix is partnering with Minor League Baseball to educate baseball fans on pests and how they can be a nuisance inside and outside of the home. As the Defenders of Home™, Terminix will also bring you the top defensive highlights throughout the season, showing off how players are protecting against relentless batters, just as Terminix defends your home against relentless pests. Pests never stop working to get in your home, and Terminix never stops working to keep them out. Guaranteed.

Best Defensive Play of the Month

Each month, Minor League Baseball will post some of the top defensive plays of the week on their Facebook page. Fans can vote on their favorite plays on the Minor League Baseball Facebook page.


Knock Mosquitoes Out of the Yard

Pests, like mosquitoes, can keep you and your family from enjoying the outdoors. Mosquitoes can become active in temperatures as cool as 50 degrees. When active, they reproduce rapidly, laying over 100 eggs in a container as small as a bottle cap. And as you’re probably well-aware, these insects also bite, leaving behind itchy welts on some people and potentially transmitting diseases. Learn more about these nuisance insects and how Terminix Quick Guard™ Mosquito Service can help.

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