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Rodent and Small Wildlife Services

Eviction is guaranteed. We remove rats, squirrels and other foul pests that can cause damage to your home, and we customize a solution to keep them out for good.

How Rodent and Small Wildlife Service works

Terminix Rodent & Wildlife Control is a specialized service that removes vermin (like rodents and squirrels) from your home and prevents them from returning. How do we serve an eviction notice to uninvited guests?

  1. First we’ll examine your home thoroughly, finding every vulnerability from roof to crawlspace, and create a customized plan to secure it against entry.
  2. Then our specially trained team will execute the plan – patching,sealing and securing your exterior from foundation to chimney.
  3. We offer specialized one-way exclusion devices that allow wildlife to escape to the outdoors while securely preventing re-entry to your home.
  4. Our treatment plans also include traditional traps, bait and other tools to ensure that these invaders get out of your home and stay out.
  5. We handle trapping and removal of various animals that move in uninvited. Our experts are specially trained to handle common large pests—like raccoons, opossum, squirrels and skunks—and geographically unique ones.

Rest assured, if you have these unwanted intruders in your home, we’ll get rid of them. And if they return, so will we (at no extra cost).

Rodent and Small Wildlife Services

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It’s backed by the strongest guarantee in the business:

  • Never pay for future termite treatments or damage repairs as long as you keep your plan.
  • 100% satisfaction or your money back*.